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Mistake #14: Being Unable to Make a Decision Part (2)

They were scared to make a commitment and wanted to wait until the weekend, when their parents could go through the home. Unfortunately for them, the weekend walk-through never happened.

Mistake #14: Being Unable to Make a Decision

When you’re searching for the right house, take your time to look at as many homes as you need to in order to get a good feel for the market. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices and have decided on a home, then it’s time to move swiftly.

Mistake #13: Getting Family, Relatives, and Friends Too Involved Part (2)

They couldn’t stand the pressure and were willing to forfeit their $1,000 deposit. So how do you avoid these situations? Rely on your agent, who is a professional and has an obligation to help you make the best deal possible. If a relative brings up a valid problem with the house, discuss it with your […]

Mistake #13: Getting Family, Relatives, and Friends Too Involved

Not involving your family or friends in your purchase of a home can sometimes be difficult. If mom and dad are putting up the down payment or co-signing the mortgage, then they’ll be a big part of the deal regardless. But on the whole, getting too many opinions can be worse than getting no opinions […]

Mistake #12: Failing to Protect Yourself When You Make an Offer

Many home buyers, in the excitement of finding the home they’ve always wanted and writing an offer, forget to add contingencies that will protect them. A contingency is a clause added to an offer to make it subject to a certain event.

Mistake #11: Overextending Your Budget

A lender who prequalifies you for a loan may tell you that you’re able to buy a $275,000 house. But keep in mind that buying for the full amount that you can qualify for may put you out of your financial comfort zone.

Mistake #10: Investing in a Property That is Hard to Sell Part (2)

A typical example would be a 900-square foot bungalow with an addition built on the back or side. Sometimes it’s a well-planned addition that blends in; other times it’s a tacky add-on. Homes in neighborhoods that have become run down owing to a high percentage of rentals or foreclosed properties (although if you’re an investor, […]

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