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Office Space Leasing New York

Do you plan to start a business? If so, have you made a business plan? Apart from deciding what products/services you’re going to offer, defining your target market, estimating your initial budget, and planning marketing strategies, you should also consider where you’ll be working. If you live in New York and look for an office […]

The Buyout Terms

The equity-sharing agreement must provide for the venture to end. As stated previously, equity-sharing arrangements generally last for a term of one to five years. At that point, the equity sharing agreement will be terminated through a prearranged process. One approach is a buyout arrangement where one of the partners buys out the other partner’s […]

Buy Foreclosures with Your Property Partners (3)

Three equal partners. Figure 7-5 illustrates a variation where three people with equal cash contributions of $25,000 get together to purchase a property at an auction for $75,000 cash. They each put an additional $5,000 into repairs, and then sell the property for $150,000 one month later.

Buy Foreclosures with Your Property Partners (2)

The downside is that this partnership usually involves a sharing of control, which could lead to many disagreements unless each partner’s role is clearly defined in a written agreement. An overview of partnership functions and roles.

Buy Foreclosures with Your Property Partners

It has become increasingly popular for people to purchase foreclosures with partners. There are many wealthy professionals out there with great credit ratings and lots of cash, but with no time to do the legwork that plays an essential role in any foreclosure purchase.

The Tax Advantages of Owning Rental Property Part (5)

The sellers were upset because now the genie was out of the bottle and the home couldn’t be sold as a duplex, lowering its value considerably. And no mortgage lender would finance an illegal duplex. Rather than walk away from the deal, the buyers offered to pay the appraised value for the home.

The Tax Advantages of Owning Rental Property Part (4)

So if you have an apartment or rental home and are intending to sell, look ahead and plan a way that will minimize the tax bite. If you’re buying a home with an apartment, added garage, or major remodeling job, you’ll want to verify that building permits show the house is zoning compliant.

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