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Ongoing Expenses: Shopping Cheaply Part (4)

Once you have tried a few different brands you will find that in most cases this isn’t true, and that it is very hard to differentiate between a brand item and a home brand item. It definitely pays to give home brand products a go at least once, because at times they can be half […]

Ongoing Expenses: Shopping Cheaply Part (3)

Not only do you want to be able to hunt down a good bargain and save yourself some cash, but you also want to stop yourself from being ripped off at the same time. All you have to do is be a smart shopper. When you are shopping keep your eyes open for advertising that […]

Ongoing Expenses: Shopping Cheaply

 For most of us money is pretty tight when we move out of home for the first time, so we need to have a look at all possible areas where we can save a buck. That brings me to food shopping. This is one expense that you can definitely cut down if you look around […]

Ongoing Expenses: Other Costs

There are very few other expenses that you face as a household. But if you decide that you are going to hire a cleaner or a gardener, you need to make sure you budget for these expenses or maybe create a kitty solely for that purpose. Other than that, the only items you have to […]

Ongoing expenses: Services and Food Part (3)

• You take turns doing the weekly shop: Every time it’s your turn to do the weekly shopping, you pay for the whole lot. This is based on the principle that weekly shops usually add up to roughly the same amount, and it works itself out in the long run. This also works best when […]

Ongoing expenses: Services and Food Part (2)

This way everyone gets to treat the bills as a regular expense, and has to budget for them on a weekly basis. This also means that if one of your housemates does a runner, or leaves without giving you much notice, you aren’t going to be short for the next bill. It is kind of […]

Ongoing expenses: Services and Food

In almost all cases, your electricity, water, gas and telephone bills are evenly split between everyone who lives in the house. But if one particular person uses a lot more of one particular service, they are obviously expected to pay extra. For example, if one of your flat- mates calls their best friend in Canada […]

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