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Enjoy Wintertime in Beverly Hills, CA

Three years ago, my sister moved home to Beverly Hills, CA. She followed his husband who works as a manager in that city. Initially, my parents was quite worry about her condition because my family and I live in Southeast Asia which has tropical climate. My mom called her once a week to know her […]

Shop at Wayfair

One of my favorite online stores is Wayfair. At this online store, I can buy various high quality and original home stuffs. Anyway, I enjoy shopping there because I always save some money. Do you know what makes me able to do it? The answer is I use Wayfair coupon codes from Anti Retail Home.

The Importance of Home Energy Audit

Have you ever done home energy audit? Remember that it is very crucial for you, your family, and of course your home. If you are unsure to do it yourself since doing home energy audit needs professionalism and special tools, you better hire experts. Wonder why this is very important? Here are the three reasons:

Protect Your Assets Now!

As the price of gold and silver keeps rising, many savvy investors are keeping their precious metals close to home in personal safes or tucked away in less secure hidden places like faux books or decorative objects. The biggest threat for any item of value is burglary, but most people fail to consider a bigger […]

Halogen Lamps

Because there are all types of halogen lamps, often finding the appropriate replacement bulbs for your lamp seems to be impossible. Each of the bulbs has different pin configurations and different shapes are available. Bathroom and living room fixtures have globe shapes; there’s a lamp in the shape of calla lilies with two-pin small bulbs […]

Improve Your House Exterior

Do you just realize that your home exterior looks bad? You might have been accustomed to current exterior because you see it each time before entering the house. Don’t let it happen any longer. Start improving your home exterior by checking: Fence People that come to your house, including yourself, will always look at the […]

Tips for Selecting the Best Vacuum Cleaner

With the right vacuum cleaner, your cleaning chores can be simplified. However, selecting the right vacuum cleaner requires a lot of considerations since there are hundreds of brands and models available in the market. Basically, your choice will revolve around upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners. In comparison to cylinder vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners are […]

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