Ongoing Expenses: Shopping Cheaply Part (4)

shoping cheaply.3jpg Ongoing Expenses:  Shopping Cheaply Part (4)   Once you have tried a few different brands you will find that in most cases this isn’t true, and that it is very hard to differentiate between a brand item and a home brand item. It definitely pays to give home brand products a go at least once, because at times they can be half the price of premium brands.

A few examples of home brands are ‘No Frills’ at Franklins, ‘Home- brand’ at Woolworths, and ‘Coles Brand’ or ‘Farmland’ at Coles supermarkets. Last time I moved out of home, boy, did I rely on home brands! I tried the home brand versions of all the products I could find at least once to see if I liked them.

For some things, like orange juice, I decided that I preferred to pay a little bit extra for the brand label version, but in most cases I was so satisfied with the quality of the home brand product that I kept on buying it. It got to a point, just before I moved back to my parents’ place, that I could actually see the money I was saving on a regular basis.

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