Ongoing Expenses: Shopping Cheaply Part (2)

shoping cheaplyFinding one with a few spots on it, she looked worried and showed the greengrocer. He told her there was nothing really wrong with it, but knocked the price down from $2 to $1.50.

• A shop can charge you any price they like for goods, which means that you are totally free to negotiate a lesser price. It’s their choice as to whether or not they accept your offer. If you plan to do this in a supermarket, it is best to find a manager, because junior shop assistants won’t have the authority to make a decision.

• Make a reasonable offer and don’t be rude. There is no point wasting your time or the salesperson’s by making ridiculous offers. Who is going to let you pay five cents for a Paddle Pop (my favorite ice-cream in the world!)?

• Be aware of shops that display massive markdowns to entice you inside in the hope that you will end up buying the expensive non- sale items. Don’t go into an expensive convenience store to do your grocery shopping just because they have a really good deal on Mars Bars.

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