Ongoing expenses: Services and Food Part (2)

food and serviceThis way everyone gets to treat the bills as a regular expense, and has to budget for them on a weekly basis. This also means that if one of your housemates does a runner, or leaves without giving you much notice, you aren’t going to be short for the next bill. It is kind of like a pay-as-you-go scheme.

Paying for food is where things start to get really tricky. Because people don’t eat the same amount of food, have different schedules and have different likes and dislikes, it is really hard to split up the food bill fairly. After speaking to my friends, and from my own experience, here are a few different ways of dealing with food in a share accommodation household:

• Each person puts in $30–$50 a week for groceries: The person who’s rostered to do the shopping goes to the supermarket and buys as many groceries as they can for that particular week with the kitty. This works well in a household where everyone has the same tastes and eats roughly the same amount, most likely an all- girl or all-guy place.

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