Ongoing expenses: Rent

rent 300x225 Ongoing expenses: RentEarlier on I talked about the major expenses you face when you move out of home into a place of your own, whether you are living by yourself or sharing with others. Obviously, when you live by yourself you have to pay all the household expenses yourself; when you live with other people you split the bills between you. Expenses need to be discussed as soon as you decide to move in together. Usually they are shared equally, but in some cases you need to make exceptions.


The rent is generally split evenly between the people sharing a place. If there are four people in a four-bedroom place you divide the rent by four and that is what each person pays. This doesn’t happen in all situations, however. Where you have a couple in one bedroom and single people in the three other bedrooms, for example, you will find that the couple who are sharing a bedroom don’t pay as much per person as the people who have their own bedrooms.

This is because they have less space to themselves. Often one of the bedrooms in an apartment/flat/house is much larger than the other bedrooms (and in some cases has its own ensuite as well). In this case, the rent on this room is usually more expensive. Likewise, the room with the best view, most sun, best interior and least noise may also be a bit more expensive.

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