Ongoing Expenses: Other Costs

others costThere are very few other expenses that you face as a household. But if you decide that you are going to hire a cleaner or a gardener, you need to make sure you budget for these expenses or maybe create a kitty solely for that purpose. Other than that, the only items you have to budget for are those that you purchase on an individual basis—like clothes, shoes, CDs, presents and holidays.

When I was talking to my friend Toby about expenses (remember Toby who moved to Newcastle?), he told me that in his house- hold they chose to do everything through a kitty system. Every week the three guys each put in $15 extra with their rent in order to buy the items they saw as essentials—milk, bread, Coke, ice- cream, coffee, sugar and cereal. They bought all the rest of their food on an individual basis.

When it came to the bills for services, the three of them were really reliable. Toby said that they split the electricity, gas and water bills evenly—and they all managed to get their share together before the bills were due. They all had their own phone lines which they treated as an individual expense and budgeted for on their own.

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